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Buying Mobile Legends Diamonds in Nepal is now very easy with Bakuzone. Enter your User ID and Server ID, Select the required diamonds, and pay via your preferred payment methods: Khalti, IME Pay, and/or MyPay. Once payment is made, diamonds will be added instantly to your MLBB account.

Details required to top up MLBB diamonds are the Correct ML User ID and Server ID example: 123456789 (0987).

Important: Bonus Diamonds will not count in events.

1Game ID ... ...

• Click on your avatar in the top-left corner.• User ID will appear at the bottom of your Game Character Name.• Please enter your User ID and Zone ID to complete the transaction.• Example: 12345678(1234). Enter 12345678 in User ID and 1234 in Zone ID

2Select Product
3Select Payment Methods

About Mobile Legends

Friends come together in the brand new five versus 5 MOBA showdown against real human opponents, Mobile Legends. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the most popular mobile games in the world, with good reason. Its vibrant and dynamic gameplay, rich character roster, and compelling storyline keep players returning for more. But to truly succeed in the game, you need to have a steady supply of diamonds – the in-game currency that allows you to unlock new characters, items, and abilities. That’s where our diamond top-ups in Nepal come in.

MLBB Top-Up in Nepal: Get Diamonds Fast!

Ready to level up your Mobile Legends Bang Bang journey in Nepal? Bakuzone.com makes it easy to top up your MLBB diamonds with payment options like Khalti, Ime Pay, and Mypay! Explore hassle-free ways to recharge your Mobile Legends account right here in Nepal. Elevate your gaming experience today with Bakuzone.com's reliable Mobile Legend top-up solutions! Experience the world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in Nepal with MLBB diamonds, available at an introductory price of Rs15 for a bundle of 5 diamonds. As the in-game currency, Mobile Legends diamonds allow players to unlock various customization options and power-ups, enriching their gameplay experience. Dive into the realm of Mobile Legends and elevate your gaming journey today.

Recharge Mobile Legends diamonds / Weekly Diamond Pass / Twilight pass instantly. Just fill in the user ID and zone ID, select the diamonds you wish to purchase and make a payment method. Diamonds will be instantly added to your Ml account.

How To Topup Mobile Legends Diamonds in Nepal?

Follow the steps below to top up Mobile Legends diamonds in Nepal instantly. First, go to Bakuzone.com or Bakuzone app
  1. Just fill in the and zoneD & Zone ID.
  2. Select the required diamonds.
  3. Pay via your preferred methods ( Khalti, IME Pay & MY Pay).
  4. Once the payment is made, diamonds will be added to your ML account Instantly.

How do you find the user ID and zone ID?

Follow the below steps to find your Mobile Legends User ID & Zone ID.
  1. Login to your game account.
  2. Click on your avatar in the top-left corner.
  3. Your Mobile Legends User ID and Zone ID will be displayed.(e.g. User ID=“123456789”, ZoneID=“1234”)

Diamond Packs

  • 5 Diamonds - Rs 15.00
  • 14 Diamonds (13 + 1 Bonus) - Rs 40.00
  • 28 Diamonds (25 + 3 Bonus) - Rs 78.00
  • 42 Diamonds (38 + 4 Bonus) - Rs 120.00
  • 86 Diamonds (78 + 8 Bonus) - Rs 210.00
  • 172 Diamonds (156 + 16 Bonus) - Rs 415.00
  • 257 Diamonds (234 + 23 Bonus) - Rs 610.00
  • 344 Diamonds (312 + 32 Bonus) - Rs 835.00
  • 429 Diamonds (390 + 39 Bonus) - Rs 1,025.00
  • 514 Diamonds (468 + 46 Bonus) - Rs 1,215.00
  • 706 Diamonds (625 + 81 Bonus) - Rs 1,640.00
  • 1412 Diamonds (1250 + 162 Bonus) - Rs 3,280.00
  • 2195 Diamonds (1860 + 335 Bonus) - Rs 4,960.00
  • 3688 Diamonds (3099 + 589 Bonus) - Rs 8,285.00
  • 5532 Diamonds (4649 + 883 Bonus) - Rs 12,505.00

Weekly Diamond Pass

  • Weekly Diamond Pass - Rs 260.00
  • 2x Weekly Diamond Pass - Rs 520.00
  • 3x Weekly Diamond Pass - Rs 780.00

Special Pass

  • Twilight Pass - Rs 1,500.00

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Mobile Legends Diamonds Top-Up.

We have added some frequently asked questions related to ML diamonds top-up.

Can I Top Up/Recharge Mobile Legends diamonds in Nepal?

Yes, you can top up ml diamonds in Nepal at bakuzone.com

What is the price of Mobile Legends diamonds in Nepal?

The starting price of Mobile Legends Diamonds in Nepal is Rs 15 for 5 diamonds, but if there are some offers, you may get the diamonds even cheaper than the regular price.

Do I need to provide ML login details?

No, we don’t need your login details. You need to provide your correct Usi.e.ID, i.e., 123456789 & Zone IDi.e 1234

What does Instant Delivery mean?

Instant delivery means the delivery time for the product is instant; you will receive diamonds within 1-2 seconds.

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