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Recharge Bigo Live diamonds in Nepal is now easy and fast with Bakuzone. Now, you can top up Bigo diamonds instantly, 24/7, at any time. First, visit bakuzone.com. Enter your Bigo ID, Select Diamonds, and Choose your preferred payment Method. And place your order. Once an order is placed, you will instantly receive your BIgo Diamonds in your Bigo account.

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Tips: Please do not enter "ID:". Just enter the account ID value. For example, in the red box below, please enter "86062581" instead of "ID:86062581"
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BIGO Live Diamond in Nepal

You can Buy BIGO Live Diamond in Nepal from Bakuzone at a low price through different payment methods like Khalti (E-banking, Mobile Banking, Connect IPS) and Ime Pay. You can Buy/ Recharge your Bigo account with Bigo Gift Card at the lowest price in Nepal. We provide you Bigo Live Diamonds Direct Top Up / Recharge without your details like Email or Password. Only your User ID (BIGO ID: 70133xxxx) is required for Bigo Live Diamonds Top-Up. BIGO Live is a popular live video-streaming social network in Nepal. It lets you live-stream your special moments, talk with friends, make video calls, and watch the hottest videos.

How to Buy Bigo Live Diamonds in Nepal?

Follow the below steps to recharge Bigo Diamonds in Nepal instantly.
  1. Fill in the Bigo user ID Details.
  2. Select the required number of diamonds to recharge.
  3. Choose the Payments Method. i.e  Khalti,My Pay & IME PAY.
  4. Click on "Buy Now"
  5. After payment is confirmed, you will receive your BIGO DIAMONDS in your Account within 1-2 seconds (instantly).

How can I find my Bigo ID?

Follow the below steps to find your Bigo ID.
  1. Open a Bigo App
  2. Log in to your Account
  3. Click on the "Me" icon.
  4. Now you are on the profile page; under your name, you will find your BIGO ID (70133xxxx)
  5. Congratulations, you got your Bigo ID.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bigo Live Diamonds

What information should I provide to Recharge my Bigo Account in Nepal?

You must provide your Bigo ID (i.e., 125837) to recharge Bigo Live Diamond.

What happens if I provide the wrong Bigo ID?

It may cause a delay in recharge and may recharge on the wrong Account, and you will not get any refund. So, make sure you provide the correct Bigo ID.

When will I receive my Bigo Diamond?

You will instantly receive your Bigo diamond (1-2 seconds) in your Bigo Account.

20 Diamonds
Khalti Payment