Introducing Mero Points (MP)

What are Mero Points (MP)?

Mero Points (MP) is a loyalty program for Merogiftcard Customers, that allow a customer to get discount with Mero Points (MP).

How can I earn Mero Points?

MP is awarded upon any successful transaction(s) made for almost all products listed on the OffGamers website.

Who are eligible for Mero Points?

Mero Points are available for all customer groups. Do note that the MP you earn may vary over time.

When will Mero Points expire?

Mero points do not expire. You’ll keep all your MP until you redeem them or until you deactivate your account.

Where can I redeem my MP (Mero Points)?

You can Redeem your Mero Points at the cart or Checkout page during placing an order.

Disclaimer: We have the right to change any information or terms related to Mero Points.