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Buying Tango Voucher is now easy and secure with Bakuzone.com. You may use a tango voucher to top up the tango app.

How To Buy Tango Live Vouchers In Nepal?

Follow the steps below to buy Tango Live Vouchers to recharge your Tango Live account coins.

  1. Go to bakuzone>Tango Live Vouchers
  2. Select the coins or voucher amount.
  3. Please pay by choosing any payment method (Khalti, IME Pay & My Pay).
  4. Now that it is all done, you will receive your gift card code within 2 hrs.

How Do You Redeem Tango Live Vouchers To Get Coins?

Follow the steps below to redeem the Tango Live Vouchers in Nepal.

  1. Go to https://www.tango.me/voucher, click on recharge coins from your account,
  2. and select prepaid cards.
  3. Select the amount of the code you purchased
  4. Enter the voucher code.
  5. Now, you have successfully redeemed your voucher.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tango Live Vouchers

Here we included some frequently asked questions related to Tango Live Vouchers. These are the questions asked by our Customers.

Can I convert my Tango Voucher to Coins?

Yes, you can buy tango coins using your voucher.

Does the Tango voucher work in Nepal?

Yes, it works in Nepal.

About Tango

Tango is a social live-streaming app for content creators on Android, iOS, and the Web. As of 2023, Tango has more than 450 Million registered users and is one of the top Western social live-streaming platforms, with content from live performances to DIY, gaming, and more.

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